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The ED5INTERNATIONAL Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts is exactly that, performing arts!

That means dancing, singing and acting. 


Many courses focus on one specific aspect. At ED5 we give equal emphasis to all areas creating true triple threats.

This means our students grow to become fully rounded performers capable of working in any area of the entertainment industry.


CUADAN614: Extend ballet performance skills to a professional level

NAT10874001: Extend tap dance performance skills to a professional level

NAT10874002: Extend jazz dance performance skills to a professional level

CUADAN618: Extend contemporary dance performance skills to a professional level

CUADAN631: Perform dance repertoire at a professional level

CUAPRF611: Extend musical theatre performance techniques to a professional level

CUAMPF612: Manage stagecraft aspects of performances

CUAMPF615: Develop advanced vocal techniques

CUAIND611: Work professionally in the creative arts industry

CUAWHS612: Develop strategies for maintaining resilience in a competitive environment

CUACHR611: Create choreography for stage and screen

NAT10874003: Extend audition performance skills at a professional level

CUAPPR512: Develop sustainability of own professional practice

CUAACT411: Use acting techniques in performance

CUAPRF415: Rehearse for performances

CUAWHS413: Incorporate anatomy principles into skill development

CUAWHS312: Apply work health and safety practices


Supplementary Subjects include: 

Hip Hop, Acrobatics, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning​, Swing Class, Heels Class, Lifts Class, Pas De Deux class

Industry Lectures including Agency Lectures, Working with an Accompanist, Working overseas, Working on a cruise ship, Working in theme parks, Working in Musical Theatre, Showreels, Image Management, and Business.

Theory Subjects: Music Theory, History of Musical Theatre, Nutrition, and Anatomy.

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