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The ED5INTERNATIONAL Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts course was written as a direct response to the need for a course that offered the full spectrum of performing arts disciplines at industry standard.


It is delivered in a setting where all elements are given equal standing and true working professionals are developed by graduation so they may begin long, lasting and rich careers.



“As founder and Director of Connect Entertainment Pty Ltd, my team continues to represent and coordinate worldwide auditions for national and international employment contracts for companies such as Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Frontier touring to name a few. I type this endorsement in support of ED5INTERNATIONAL in recognition of their continued level of excellence they achieve in training and preparing well rounded, industry ready professional performing artists.

It’s for this reason we ensure ED5INTERNATIONAL are included in all of our casting efforts because their graduates are some of the most well rounded and industry ready performers we see each and every year. It would be too difficult to recount how many graduates have been contracted by our clients, but I can tell you it’s every year and I can also tell you it’s not hard to pick an ED5 trained performer. They are always well presented and well trained in vocals, dance and performance.”

-Jaci Testro (Founder/ Director Connect Entertainment)

“As one of Australia’s leading agencies representing and mentoring high profile dancers, choreographers, models, actors, and singers, we liaise closely with all of the best performing arts schools in the country. And it is my assertion that ED5INTERNATIONAL is a true market leader when it comes to producing professional Artists who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to achieve success in our Industry.

Our team hold Elena De Cinque, William Forsythe, Mario De Cinque and their team in the highest regard. They are extremely professional at all times and excel as educators of the next generation of performers. They go above and beyond to ensure

that the training and teachers involved in their course are first-class with working professionals and Industry legends providing tutelage and mentoring.”

- JEEP Management (Talent Agency and Management)

“We have been working closely with the ED5 team for over 10 years through our talent agency T&E Management and during this time they have consistently produced a long list of exceptionally talented working artists in all areas of the entertainment industry.”

- T&E Management (Talent Agency and Management)

“The course prepared me by extending and fine tuning my training across the board but I think more importantly provided crucial industry knowledge. ED5INTERNATIONAL’s 2 year Advanced Diploma course covers the full spectrum of training needed to produce the highest calibre performer who will enjoy a long lasting career in the arts.

Directors & Founders, Elena and Mario De Cinque and Director William Forsythe have been providing sterling training in the Performing arts industry for over 20 years. The course provides students with the forum to audition for some of Sydney’s foremost performance talent agents, not only cementing this “work ready” aim, but allowing students to

obtain professional representation upon graduation”.

- Shannon Burns (2006 Graduate)

“Having graduated from the two-year course in 2015, I believe I am well placed to discuss the benefits of studying at ED5International, under the support and leadership of Elena De Cinque. I commenced study at the institution having basic training in jazz and tap and no experience in singing, acting and ballet. I believe the length and content of the course is appropriate and necessary to achieving professional level of competency.

Not only are the technical skills achievable in this time frame, but ED5International and its staff have been imperative in teaching me the social and professional skills to find success within the industry - namely work ethic, resilience and


My association with ED5International has continued post-graduation, and I regularly return to the institution to teach workshops and classes. It is in this capacity that I have witnessed CEO Elena De Cinque’s commitment to maintaining and

improving upon the already impressive standards associated with ED5International.”

- Todd Dewberry (2015 Graduate)

“My time at ED5 was certainly one of the most jam-packed, exciting and focused years of my life. The skills that I learnt, not just in terms of dance technique, but friendship, teamwork, discipline and collaboration, I rely and draw upon significantly in my work and life today. Elena, William and Mario - thank you for your ongoing support and mentorship”.

- Emma Watkins (2009 Graduate)

“As a young & aspiring creative artist, taking part in the ED5 International Diploma Course across 2013-14 was one of the most valuable career investments I have made thus far. The course is cultivated, versatile and customised, providing an honest insight and fresh perspective on how to navigate the industry regardless of the path you are on— whether it be commercial, theatre, TV, acting, vocals, choreography and so forth.

The faculty at ED5 are nurturing and work intimately with the students, delivering quality training and fine-tuned feedback. Since graduating from the course in 2014, I have accomplished a multitude of my goals within this industry and I am continually applying the tools I acquired at ED5 to form the framework for bigger dreams. The caliber of ED5 alumni is a testament to the course & I couldn’t recommend it more!”

- Blake John Wood  (2014 Graduate)

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