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Why Choose ED5?

ED5 is more than just a performing arts studio... we are a family that has been continuously growing for over 30 years creating generations of talented, driven and passionate performers.
We hope to welcome you through our big red doors to become part
of the ED5INTERNATIONAL legacy. 

"Elena, you’re spot on in what you say... it just takes one teacher to believe in you! It was you and all of your wonderful team that have inspired and brought the best out in my girls. Their love of dance and performing arts has been nurtured and supported by ED5 and they would do it 24/7 if they could (actually they pretty much do that!). Thank you for the positive impact you have had on them and every other child that attends ED5! We are blessed and grateful for you, Mario and your wonderful ED5 Team!!"

- Pelizzari Family

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"Your endless dedication, inspiration, motivation and hard work over the past 30 years has allowed countless kids the opportunity to fulfil their love and passion for dance. ED5 has given them lifelong friendships and treasured memories." - Pirto Family


"I still remember my very first day of dancing at ED5 in the little studio at Cabarita. So much fun was had and many wonderful memories made. Now to have my daughter join the ED5 family is truly a blessing. Thank you for bringing the love of dance to so many of us." 

- Senzio Family

"Through Miss Elena I have grown not only as a performer but as an individual. She has taught me how to persevere and to accept nothing but the best of myself each and every day as well as the importance of organisation and character. Without her and the school she built I would not be the person I am today. I will forever be grateful for the many cherished memories, the family and the tools Miss Elena has provided for me and many others." - Mackenzie Pearson

"Our experience over the
past 11 years with the ED5 family has been fantastic. We cannot thank 
you enough for maintaining your professionalism while making everyone feel like they are important and part of a huge family. We have loved and are grateful for the joy, experience, confidence building and of course the dance moves!"

- Haugh Family

"Thank you Elena, Mario & the whole ED5 team for supporting our kids in

creating a supportive and fun environment to develop their talents and build their confidence, not just in dance but in life."

- Meneses Family


"Thank you for your constant love & support... being there through the personal highs & the lows... teaching me so much more than pirouettes, arabesques and the treble time step! I cherish the years I spent growing up in the ED5 studios at Majors Bay Rd and North Strathfield and I now cherish the time I get to teach and inspire my gorgeous little students... making it full circle to many moments when my 3 years students (not so long ago) are now beautiful young women, assisting me inspire the next generations of dancers. Elena, your drive, passion & commitment to the arts and your students is unparalleled."

- Jaclyn Diles

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"I have been dancing at ED5 for nearly 6 years and it has given me memories and opportunities I am so grateful for. Along the way I have met new people and made friends I will keep forever, they have a place in my heart. The most important thing Miss Elena and ED5 have given me is the gift of dance. She has taught me to keep fighting and do what I love. Each time I enter the studio, energy rushes through me... memories are hidden in the walls kept forever. This school is like my second home and when I come here I forget about life. Dancing at ED5 is like a dream and fantasy which I don’t have to wake up from. Thank you Miss Elena and Mario for creating my passion and true home, ED5." - Sara McKeown


"It's been a privilege to be part of this adventure with you for the past 20 years! Thank you so much for everything our children have learnt and experienced through these red doors and for all the memories and adventures our entire family have enjoyed around the world!"

- Miller Family

"30 years of hard work, sacrifice and perseverance. We have watched ED5 International grow from it’s conception and have been fortunate enough to be a part of the ED5 family when my daughter joined 7 years ago. You are an inspiration to us both and we admire your strong work ethic to always be your best. We love that Siena and ourselves have been able to grow friendships through the ED5 family. The concerts are a highlight in our calendars every year." - Caldarola Family

"I have loved being at ED5 these past 12 years, it has meant so much to me. All the valuable life lessons you and all the amazing staff have taught me, I will cherish always. Miss Elena, you have always said it’s “not just about dance” and that is so true - it’s everything else we have learnt from you and the incredible experiences you have given us. From my concerts, overseas tours and friendships made, to my growth in confidence and the belief in myself that I can achieve anything, my passion for dance and our ED5 family will always hold a special place in my heart. Feeling very grateful and so blessed, thank you so much!!"

- Alessia Garzaniti

"I feel blessed to have been part of the ED5 family for the past 9 years. I have learnt so much as a performer and come to understand what it takes to be the best version of myself. Thank you Elena and Mario for creating a second home for so many."

- Aurora Pelizzari

"Over the course of 16 years we have had each of our three girls attending classes at your Academy. In that time we have always felt warmly embraced and proud to be part of the ED5 family. And each year when we think the concerts can't get any better we are blown away by the talent that you have nurtured and by the professionalism of your productions. Together with your dedicated teaching staff you are a formidable team and we look forward to many more years at ED5!"

- Vella Family

"While we are still relatively new to the ED5 family, we can certainly see why ED5 has been so successful in reaching this impressive milestone. We would like to thank you for helping our daughter shine and boosting her confidence with every lesson. We will long remember the joy of watching our little girl on stage for many years to come."

- D'Annunzio Family

"In the last 10 years, you both have been a great part of my daughters love of dance. Thanks to ED5 both our daughters have grown and developed into confident girls who love to perform and have made beautiful friendships along the way that share the same interest. We can’t thank you enough."

- Maroun Family

"Thank you for deciding to set up ED5 over 30 years ago. It has really made a difference in our lives. We all love dancing and this is definitely the place to do it!" - Alder Family


"You have what it takes to succeed even while our world has wrestled with the Covid-19 pandemic this year. Look at all the lives you have enhanced over the years and how you have helped the dreams of so many dancers and performers to come true. We have been a part of the ED5 family since 2013 and our girls are very proud and grateful to be a part of your school!"

- Barr Family

"Thank you so much for providing such a professional dance school for my daughter. The confidence, skill and enthusiasm you have instilled in her is priceless." - Organ Family


"Wow! It's been an amazing 7 years of dance with my ED5 family. Such fond memories performing on the big NIDA stage for the very first time in front of family and friends. Thank you to our incredibly

talented ED5 teachers and the care and guidance of Miss Elena and Mario. You have all ignited and nurtured my passion for dance and performing."

- Antonia Falzon

"Thank you so much for giving my daughters the opportunity to dance! Your legacy is a grand one and certainly something to be proud of. Thank you for the memories!" - Mannino Family


"I have enjoyed every second of my 8 yrs here with you both. Thank you for your ever present enthusiasm, support, kindness & loyalty. You guys are a huge inspiration to all of us." - Vanessa Kelly

"We would like to say a big
thank you to Elena and Mario for all the support they have given us over the years. My daughter started as an Angelina Ballerina and has developed many other talents. My son was inspired by his sister’s performance, and the older boys on stage, and had to be part of it all. They have both loved their time at ED5, and each year look forward to their concerts."

- Triulcio Family


For more information and the timetable of classes, enquire now to receive our Enrolment Package. 


02 9746 0848



P.O. Box 429, Concord, NSW 2137


Tenancies 1 and 3

Ground Level, Building I

Bakehouse Quarter
North Strathfield
N.S.W. Australia 2137


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